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Dilapidation Works – Crawley

Client:- Propitas LLP

January 2016

amc were recently engaged to carry out dilapidation works on behalf of our client Propitas LLP.

The work involved complete strip out of internal office space and warehouse areas to 2 large units, previously occupied by a medical equipment manufacturing company. The units were ‘opened up’ by the occupier to form one large unit, this had to be reversed as part of our work. After strip out, we were instructed to return the units to an ‘as new’ finish, installing new roof coating, repairing any damage to the infrastructure, redecoration and new lighting and flooring to the office space, overhaul of heating, including new boilers to both units.

The warehouse units were completly refurbished, including upgrading of lighting, thorough cleaning and redecoration and new epoxy-resin floor coating.

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